Input Autocomplete

This is a LWC Search Component in which you can create your own set of options dynamically and display them below the input when the user start typing.

You can use it as a custom lookup in LWC since it will allow you to select different types of options when you start typing.

Here are different versions of the component, you can select and modify the one which follows your objective.

Lightning Web Component Custom Lookup

Basic Autocomplete

This is the basic version of the Autocomplete component, the user types and the options appear below on the screen

Keyboard Arrows

On this version the users will be able to use arrow-down-square Created with Sketch Beta. and arrow-down-square Created with Sketch Beta. on their keyboard to move between the options and the to select the option


Here you have a dropdown to display all the available options without type for a letter

This inputs provides to the users a way to autocomplete their input fields to improve their productivity and save them time using options that you have specified, of course these can be dynamically and you can customize any of these components as your needs.